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Originally posted by Stee:
I have just ordered a pair of Avon CR6ZZ 295/50r15 for my 74L (currently on special from and was wondering if anybody has any suggestions for a V rated 225/50R15 front tire which would work well with the Avons?

I live in the UK so normal air temperature range can be 50-75f (10-25c). I don't tend to drive the car in the wet, though inevitably I will get caught in the rain from time to time. I only use the car for road driving so it will not be tracked.

I was looking at the new Toyo R888R, but not sure if that will be suitable? I also notice Pirelli do the Cinurato P7 classic tire?


Pirelli P7, 225-50-15. The only issue I have found with them is cold weather. The tread compound seems not to be designed to stick well in cold weather. Cold weather defined as being under about 35F.

They really would be a perfect LA tire, but what isn't?

Run them at 35psi. They will work on the 7 or 8" rims. Mine are on 8"s.

They don't take any practice to "learn them" and seem to stay the same on the street or on the track.

The rear tires in that size are going to change the rear bite some in turns. I think a tire that is a little slick in the back is a little better then one that bites too much.

I don't know how that particular tread and compound works though. Sorry.

Race "slicks", by comparison, get their traction from a controlled slide through the turns. Those you need to learn how to use.

You can put the bigger GTS rear anti-sway bar on the car but make sure you take the spring spacers out (if you have a US car). You want to reduce the roll in cornering as much as you can to make the tires work.

Oh, and watch your ground clearance in the front. The car is like a go cart with them on. Wink