Reply to "Tires for OEM 15 inch wheels"

Theoretically these tyres should have this heighth of side wall (these are the calculations. actual tyres sizes vary a little)

285/50 = 142.5mm (50% of 285mm)
295/50 = 147.5mm
285/55 = 156.75mm (55% of 285mm)

255/60 = 153mm
275/55 = 151.25mm
215/70 = 150.5mm

Really on an 8" wide wheel
with a profile above 50% you can go from 225 - 285
with a profile below 50% 205 - 245
This i believe is recommended - not necessarily law. however that could vary from country to country

Looking again at George P's chart. I'm wondering if you could use Pirelli's 215/60R15 CN36 on the front of the 60% profile mid '70s era

Interestingly (maybe only to a nerd like me) De Tommaso were right on it because i beleive that 60% profile tyres were only just developed in the second half of 1972. I am suprised to see Good year making them that early. Untill now i thought the first was Pirelli Cinturato CN36