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I'm leaning towards the Avon's with the outer wall shaved and GOODYEAR letters applied.

For the use I put the car to, they are fine and seem more appropriate to the car then the Pirelli's are.

I like your printing and the Avon carcass is the right shape (a large part of why they handle well on cars of this period). but the tread pattern looks nothing like a '70s tyre.

I currently have P7's on it now but they need to be freshened up due to age.

Age is critical. you cannot compare an old rubber with new. Its like comparing Granite with modern rubber

[QUOTE]I agree that the Avon TENDS to be more of a race tire then a street tire but for my use they are fine.

agreed, however a harsher ride and heavier than a road tyre.

The difference is basically because of the softer compound on the Avons vs. the P7's. The Pirelli's are a little hard on the treads compound and basically are banana skins by the time the temps drop under 40 degrees.

You cannot compare compounds you must be talking about some old rubber you have. the new P7's, when they come, will be made with up to date rubber compounds. the compounds in the old P7 will not be as sophisticated as the new production of P7.

The Avon is a racing tyre and will be great when it gets hot, but as it goes through heat cycles, racing compounds will work better, but deteriorate and loose grip with age faster than a road tyre.

However any tyre doesn't work at all well when it is 10 years old. but i would rather drive on a 7 year old road tyre than a 5 year old racing tyre.

I'm getting reliable reports of the Avon's delivering 20,000 mile wear. By the time I put another 20,000 miles on this car, I'll already have been dead 10 years.

As the tyre gets older with age and heat cycles the compounds deteriorate and give less grip. As the tyre grips less the wear rate slows down. so if you fit a really old tyre that doesn't grip it will last for ages, because there is less movement in hard rubber that doesn't move. Racing compounds are built to achieve different goals.

It sounds like i am slamming the CR6ZZ. i'm not they are great. However i know what i would rather have as a road car. and i know what i would rather be driving on when the tyres are 6 years old. Specially if i lived in a hot dry country!

US cars were delivered with Goodyear's and here, raced with "Bluestreaks". They seem to me as appropriate or more so then the Pirelli's do for a US car. Particularly with my racer on the street perspective. Kind of like a Cobra 427 S/C.

The blue streak on those tires then and these Avon's now are painted on and optional. It can be left off.

This is a pricey decision since it's an $800 upcharge to do the sidewalls like this.

Hmm i get that a Goodyear would be more correct, but a CR6ZZ isn't, and it is also a new tyre I think from memory it was a new retro tyre range that that begann in the '90s. It is a shame for Avon that they didn't use a period tread pattern.

The tread patterns of the Pirelli are actually period correct. I guess also the Pirelli is cheaper and more suited to the road this page demonstrated the prices of 215/70r15 tyres and a 255/60 Pirelli costs £ 339 compared to Avon 275/55 £ 368


I'm sorry i feel like a bit of a tosser recommending alternatives to your Avon's. no doubt they look epic with the printing on the side. On top of that you do also get to have the same tread pattern front and rear which is seeming a bit of a pain in the Bum with the Pirelli Cinturato range. and no doubt the CR6ZZ is a great tyre so i am sorry if i sound like i am criticizing your choice. many of these Pirelli have only just been made again, so i bet they weren't there when you started making decisions. And the CR6ZZ carcass is built to be progressive, and handle great on old cars.