Reply to "Tires for OEM 15 inch wheels"

There is no perfect choice here. I have to go with tastes rather than correctness.

Look. The Pantera is an American-Italian hybrid.

If I'm in Italy I wear the P7's, here I wear the

The Italian side of the family gets insulted for Americanizing the car. Good for them? Roll Eyes

HERE the "Goodyears" are PROBABLY more correct for a Grp4 Pantera then the Pirelli's? In addition, they more closely resemble the Goodyear Arriva's then the Pirelli's do?

I lean more to the '60s cars plus the early '70s such as the Cobra, the GT40, the Shelby Mustangs. The Pantera is their Italian cousin who moved here from Italy.

In Rome, do as the Romans do. In the US...

The Avon tread pattern is my least favorite part of the tire. It does resemble the tread of the Goodyear blue streaks as well as the Goodyear Polyglass tire.

The tread looks dead nuts on to the first GT40's.

It just comes down to taste. This is like debating over Momma Celeste's Lasagna. I like some sweet sausage mixed into it and a crispy baked top layer.

My Italian cousin says I'm crazy. That's fine. I wear that like a red badge of courage!

It would make sense then that I like Pinot Grigio with the Lasagna rather then Merlot?

Actually Bud Light is even better. Great taste, less filling.

I don't wear socks with my sandals. What can I say? I'm an independent thinker...sometimes.

Chow bambino. Big Grin

In the US, the 69 Shelby's were one of the first, if not the first to be factory installed with 60 profiles Goodyear Polyglass GT tires (F60-15). Wink