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... Flippin heck! Pantera fitment is complicated ...

Smiler Yeah, tyres that vary in cross-section by 30mm to 60mm, plus vary in diameter front to rear by 2 inches.

Thank you for taking time to answer member's questions, to update us regarding tyre availability, and to investigate matching your inventory with our needs.

I am not aware of any owner, not even among those whom are most discriminating in regards to originality, that want to equip their car with a 185/70 & 215/70 tyre set. I would discourage you from putting any effort in that direction.

Oddly, back in the 1990s when the 225/55 and 275/55 P7 tyres were available, most owners were not aware they existed as an option (when combined) for the Pantera. Considering the popularity of the P7 in that era, if owners had been aware many would have opted for that tyre set rather than continuing to use the Goodyear Arrivas.

Some owners adopted use of 225/50 and 285/50 P7s 20 to 30 years ago, only to have the rear tyre fall-out of production. Many chose not to upgrade to the 50 series P7s however, because their diameters were wrong or because they refused to purchase the requisite 15x10 rear wheels (Pantera wheels are magnesium and expensive).

Today many owners "settle on" or "tolerate" 205/60 or 215/60 in the front and 245/60 or 255/60 in the rear for lack of anything better. All have given-up on ever having speed rated performance radials available again for their cars. Many have given up on having the same make and model tyres on the front and rear. Some have taken to using truck tyres like the Pirelli Scorpion, others have taken to using street legal race tyres. Other owners have upgraded to larger diameter wheels so they can use modern low profile tyres; but with the rising value of the Pantera, and the emphasis on originality, many who installed the larger wheels would prefer to return to the original wheels IF a good set of tyres were available for them (I'm one of those myself). I firmly believe a great many Pantera owners would embrace a 225/55 and 275/55 tyre set in a speed rated radial with modern rubber compounds and construction (i.e. the P7 reproductions).

I've altered the last chart I posted, splitting it into two, adding production numbers.



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