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The picture is of the Mickey Thompson 26x12-15 fits well on the 10" wheel also. It's right in that 285-295 range.
-section: 12.0
-tread: 10.60
-OD: 26.10
-price: $238.50
-speed rating H = 130mph

The 305 BFG's Euro rally tire is right on the verge of hanging out. The 285 is acceptable but the 295-50-15 is about as "perfect" as you can get unless you go to the 17" aftermarket Campi look alike's.

I would go for 295-50-15 P7's if they became available.
The BFG would be a substitute for that currently.
-tread: 10.0'
-od: 26.7
-wheel: 8-10
-speed rating: S = 112 mph
-price: $210.40

I personally like the fit of the 225-50-15 P7's on the front on 8" Campi's but it does lower the front just a hair.

I'm not that concerned with the speed rating of the tires. V or better is nice but S was fine even on the Autobahn long before the V became available.


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