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Originally posted by jimmym:
Dougal, I noticed that you posted again about the 79-84 cars that used these tires, however the production number is very misleading. As George, myself, and David tried to explain, there is a much greater number of cars that have or had the 15x10’s mounted.

The 15x10” wheels are currently being offered by Mrfiat.

The 285’s will fit on any narrow body Pantera using any rim that is between 15x8 to 15x10 as stated in Pirelli’s P7 tire brochure.


Yep i get it.

the 285/40R15 P7 is in the pipe line and will be happening reasonably soon as will the rear.

And as i understand there is what sounds like a good demand for a 285/50R15 as well i shall look into getting them made. It would help if they fitted another car as well. The 285/40R15 is also going to sell to Porsche guys as well which helps make it viable.