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Reply to "Tires for OEM 15 inch wheels"

Epic, we're on.

After i posted on here i found this fitment guide.

Pirelli 1980Pantera 1980 Pirelli

Amusingly the chap i deal with, within Pirelli, when he was a young man, he actually compiled this fitment guide back in 1980. 

Anyway I have backed that up with picture from Kimmosch, and we have the green light.


I have always said this project will take a long time, and it already has. Pirelli are on the case. i cannot garuntee any dates as yet. In fact i make a habit of not garunteeing a tyre untill i actually have it in front of me. However pirelli have been excellent in my dealings with them.

I hope i am right in saying that the people who have been buying the


Will back me up as to how good the quality is. The Countach Fraternity have been over the moon with them, as have the Porsche boys. I will try to keep the price as sensible as possible. However i stand by my earlier recomendation to buy P7 tyres now if you need them.


Images (2)
  • Pirelli 1980
  • Pantera 1980 Pirelli