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Reply to "Larger diameter wheels. Upgrading wheels and tires. Resizing wheels and tires. Modernizing wheels and tires. Campy clones, etc."

The last couple of weeks I have been checking the availability of various tire sizes for Panteras since I am looking to replace my wheels and tires.

I have looked at 17", staggered 17" & 18", 18", and staggered 18" & 19".

I have tried to compare all the various size combinations to this threads recommended tire diameter due to wheel arch and diameter size difference from front to back.

Interestingly, the tire combination with the biggest tire selection (based on my research on Tirerack and OnlineTire) is the following:

225/40/18 front
285/35/19 rear

The 225mm tire is 8.86 inches wide and 25.09 inches tall. The 285mm tire is 11.22 inches wide and 26.85 inches tall. These fall pretty close to the recommended specs on this thread:

Front tire diameter: 23.9" to 25.0"
Rear tire diameter: 25.9" to 27.0"
Recommended greater rear tire diameter size difference: 1.7" to 2.3"

I currently am running 17"s with a 9.25" front width and 12.4" rear width. I really like the wider widths but was very impressed with the amount of different tire brands availability in the above sizes.

Just thought I would share my findings so far.