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To all the Pantera wheel offset experts:

As I posted previously, my old 15" Gotti wheels have finally given up the ghost, so I'm researching new replacements.

My question is about front wheel offsets.

I like the way my old wheels, with their 225/50-15 tires, fit in the front wheel wells. And they've never rubbed in all the years I've had them on the car.

I measured my current 15x8" fronts wheels, and they have a 4.5" backspacing, which calculates to a 0 offset.

All of the 17" and 18" front wheel offsets that I have seen (for the same 8" widths) vary from 12mm (5.0" backspacing) to as much as 22mm (5.375" backspacing).

Why do the new wheels need so much more positive offset (added back spacing) compared to my old wheels? I know my old tires are short at only 24", but the 17-18" replacements are only 0.5" to 1.0" taller. And if I stick to 225/235 replacements, they are at most only 0.5" wider.

Slightly Confused



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