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Closing Down Thermostat Modifications

My Dear Friends,

I have decided this will be a good time to cease the production of the 'Copper Skirts', along with the Modifying of the Robertshaw Thermostats (330 to 333). Over the Last 10+ Years I have Modified and Shipped, all around the world; well over 600 R.S. Thermostats. It has been My Pleasure to Serve You! And I Thank You for Your Kind Support.

There are, as of now, (2) 180F Robertsaw Thermostats, still listed on Ebay. When these are gone, there will be No More. I am moving on to Other Discoveries and Disceplines.

I WILL CONTINUE to Machine The 'Solid Brass Restrictor Plates', and List Them on Ebay. The Best there IS!

For those who Believed in My Work, I send My Deepest Felt, Thank You!

All the Best and Good Luck!

...The Thermostats have Sold-Out!!

No Fear...the 'T. Meyer Co,' Yes, the Man who Produces those Marvelous Aluminum Cleveland Blocks; started Back-Up, the production of the Original Robert Shaw Thermostats, for a couple of Years now. With the Original Copper Hat. And at a GREAT Savings for You! My Brass Restrictor Plate will MATCH these 'Hats', Closer than the Original Factory Plate. How? The Original Factory Hat (if Memory serves) Has a Diameter of Aprox. 0.640". The Factory Plate has a Orifice Inside Diameter of Aprox. 0.750". My Plates are Machined with a Orifice Inside Diameter of 0.723", Every Piece! You can see the Difference in the Restriction of the By-Pass Flow. I Recommend You Purchase MY Restrictor Plates, for the Highest Efficiency within Your Cooling System . Good-Luck with it, Tim!


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