Suspension Bushings

Can anyone tell me the original (or best upgrade) configuration for the Mangusta suspension bushings?

All of the suspension bushings on my Mangusta were rubber with a steel liner at the pivot. I’ve been informed that these may be modified Pantera bushings and they are not the original Mangusta configuration.

My understanding from the Mangusta parts book is the following:

Front Lower A-arms – Nylon Bushings with steel sleeve (Flanged bushing – 2 required per location)

Front & Rear Shock – “Hyperbloc”????
Mine were rubber bushing with integral steel sleeve.

Front & Rear stabilizer link – “Silentbloc”
Mine were a thin outer steel shell containing rubber bushing with integral steel sleeve.

Rear upright stabilizer link – Nylon bushing with steel sleeve

Rear upright wishbone – Nylon bushing NO steel sleeve

Are these configurations correct? A Google search indicates that Hyperbloc and Silentbloc are used on Ferrari and Lambo. What is Hyperbloc? What is Silentbloc?

Dick Chandler
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