Suspicious Pantera Advert using 4613.

A newbie asked me about a Pantera for sale… 4613
He naturally shared some photos…

of which I instantly recognized.

This car was offered for sale (sold) by PI Motorsports in 2015.

The owner in Germany supplied an update in 2016.

I suggested this might be suspicious, as the photos are not >fresh<<BR>
Then the photos are from a PI Motorsport advert, and are present in the registry.

Also when cars go back to Europe, they rarely come back.

The advert was found at
A Hot Classic Deal -> indeed!

He followed up with some correspondence he received from the seller:

I am sure some of you recognize text that is similar to scams we have found before:

I'm glad that you are still interested and maybe we can wrap a deal. The location of the car is Warrenton, OR ready to go. The car will come with clear title, two sets of keys, manuals and some service history records. The car belongs to my father but he is too old to enjoy it. He is disabled in a medical center and I am forced to handle this sale. Because my time is very important and I don't have other alternatives, a shipping company is the best choice for us. They will protect both of us in this transaction and will take care of the entire sale process from payment, shipping, title transfer service or/and (if needed) returns and refunding. As for the payment we can start a transaction through them where I'm already registered. You will have to register too on their web site, then you have to contact me to start the transaction. If you are serious about buying the car, I will ship it anywhere in the States with no extra cost.
If you want to move forward please contact me back so we can get the ball rolling.

Thank you,
Christina W.


I'm sorry for this late reply but the last days were terrible. I worked up to 15 hours. Let me introduce myself. My name is Christina Wade and I work for Wicked Tuna as Post-Production Coordinator. I am currently overseas for about six months because we are working at a new season.
The car is still for sale. Price is $27,000. The car is being sold as described, clear title, without accident, no mechanical or electrical issues. The car runs and drives perfect. The pictures reflects the actual condition of the car.
If you want to find out more details about how we can close up this deal, do not hesitate to contact me and I will respond at my earliest convenience.

Christina W.

This may or may not be a scam (cough) , but the details do >not< match what the registry contains.

Another way the DeTomaso Registry helps you!

Caveat Emptor

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