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Seeking advice regarding how to trouble shoot a temperature gauge that doesn't work.

Hi everyone,

Need a bit of assistance from all you great Pantera experts answering so many difficult questions. Btw - thanks for always being so helpful to all in here. :-)

Now to my question - where I need help. 

I got a Pantera 1974, mostly stock, very few modifications (done from before I bought it), only real big difference is engine has been rebuilded and added MSD box. Again done before I bought it. 

I've got the problem the temperature gauge is always at "zero" or better said, at lowest possible indication. It always stays there no matter, if engine is just started or after 1 hour of driving, still "zero". 

Now my question is, what the best sequence to debug this problem?

Or perhaps some one knows what's the typical problem is in such a case?

Any help is very much appreciated. :-)



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