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Reply to "The Egyptian Survivor #6960"

Great to see this car - I am working on 6997 only 37 cars later than this one ,  also sold out of Rome.

Pantera Vin Code breakdown

Vin is THPNNE06960 .

VIN decoder breaks down is as follows

T =DeTomaso
H= Modena Italy
PN= Pantera
N= 1973
E= December
06960= 6960th unit built except the factory started with 1001 so the car is likely  around the 5,959th unit built.

If the build date is December its likely the sale date was slightly later than 1973. Are you able to confirm the 1973 Rome sale date ? It would be a record to make it and sell it so fast. Despite the actual built of December 1973 it likely would be titled as a 1974 and probable it was initially sold in 1974.

Ford usually introduces the new model year around September of each year so this likely would have fallen into the 1974 model run.