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Reply to "The only orginal Goose"

William, Mark,

This car truly is one of the survivors, but I wouldn't go so far as to say that it is the only one. There has been at least one other car that has some ridiculous low mileage on it....

This was one of the first Mangustas I ever saw, after I bought mine back in 96. I had been to Philly for some training and ended up driving out to see this car in NW PA.... Quite a drive. Quite a car!!! I shot a couple rolls of film...(pre-digital cameras!) and should have shot several more!!! DUH! I was sorta awestruck and totally forgot what I was doing......

The car only suffered from one thing. Lack of use. The stuff that you normally touch and leave residue on was all decaying. Seats were growing a sort of fuzz, and the interior chrome bits were getting that white crazing going on. It needed to be heated up to keep this from happening, plus a few hours of detail work at that time, to prevent it from getting worse.

I thought I had a picture of a picture of the tool kit.....but can't seem to find it. Must be on my machine at work....hate this too many pictures thing!

I'll see if I can post it later.

Another thing that I NEVER got the chance to take a shot of was the skid plate that was on this car. Owner had claimed that his delivery of the car was delayed "until the factory skid plate could be fitted" or some such nonsense. If they were really a factory item, more cars would have them on!!! I think that the dealer must have taken it for a drive on Philly streets and scraped....and either were fabbing up a skid plate, or fixing something perhaps!!! Either way, I totally forgot to take a picture of it.....duh! I fixed mine by replacing all the crap stock shocks with modern QA1/Carerra versions. MUCH more confidence at road/bridge joints now!