Reply to "Question for the team regarding 351C thermostsats"

NOTE: FYI, Marlin has edited his previous post. My comments below are based on his original non-edited posting.

 Once again, I have no training or degree in fluid dynamics. If anyone involved in this discussion does have such, they have not shared that information.  I believe this discussion is best served by relying on facts and not personal opinions.

Facts are statements that can be verified.

I.e. - The Dodgers are a baseball team.

Unverified statements are opinions.

 I.e. - The Dodgers are the best baseball team.

Marlin said the OEM plates and hats “DO NOT WORK !!” 

Obviously not a fact, as tens of thousands of Clevelands around the world perform just fine using the OEM components; Marlin presents no facts to support his statement.  

Marlin said  “... we PERFECTED ( the Cleveland bypass system). Fully tested and proven.” 

PERFECTED? Tested and proven?   It is a fact that Marlin re-designed the Cleveland bypass system components, but unless, and until, data from an engineer/ testing laboratory is provided, there are no facts to verify the system was “perfected” by those changes.

  As a skilled machinist I highly doubt Marlin ever deviated from a component’s design specifications based just on his, or anyone’s, opinion. 

I do not understand why he apparently chose to do just that in regards to the Cleveland bypass system.

 All of the clearances provided by mixing and matching the OEM components and Marlin’s re-designed components may in fact perform just fine. 

 Only one of those clearances matches the OEM clearance as designed by the Ford engineers. 

That is a fact, not an opinion.