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Reply to "Tires for 10 ich Campies !"

@mwelter posted:

They do, but in Europe near to Germany with roads w/o a speed limit in a proper Pantera, you should know, that it is a difference between V-rated and VR rated tires. I’m sure that GT4 Peter is aware of that, as he says he is a worker for the Scuderia, a specialist on engines and gearboxes and almost works on cars, that no others can do... so i just wondered about his beginner questions..

So you small brained Jäckel followers.  I have enough. If somebody want to tell me something, say it to my face and take 5 or 6 from your buddies with you.

Last time Olvier , right now you . Its enough. I have screeshots of all your nice words , also fom the Jäckel from Facebook last time.

If someone think, I ruin his bussines and he need to speak silly about my person to feel better - its ok for me . But : Nobody from us can make the Factory alive !

Nobody can bring DeTomaso back from heaven. He is dead , the factory is dead - so no new cars - no big business ! This is not my foult.

 Yes I am a car mechanic , since 1997 , yes I work for Ferrari , yes I do engines and gearboxes since this time.  Everybody can do this , youst learn learn and do it.

Envy is displaced here.

I am happy to own a Pantera and I am happy when I am able to help some others with panteras.  This is not my main bussines . Its my hobby and I am happy that there are so many friedly pantera drivers arround the world.


Only a few people, who called themselfs " specialists " in Germany.

They are verry bad for the detomaso brand in my oppinion.

Asking something means to learn something. 

When I ask about tires, a comment like from mwelter is absolute nothing.

In Europe the tires are not aviable with the correct speed index so we need a solution and not bad speach.