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Reply to "Tires for 10 ich Campies !"

@panteradoug posted:

How is the tire rating determined for the car? Is there a government list specifying the required rating? Do police pull you over to check your tires?

There are portions of Nevada and Ohio where there is no day time speed limit. Rt 80 in Ohio was/is one. No one checks your tires.

Probably around 100mph is about all you can expect to do safely do to road design and traffic conditions. At higher speeds you just can't look far enough down the road to go faster safely.

I can just envision Giorgio in his Fiat Punta pulling out in front of you? I'm sure he'd have his driving gloves and shoes on though?

There is a gouverment list specifying the speed rate of tires and yes the police can pull you over and control the tires and if it comes worse, they can take your car away for an official inspection. Also Panteras have an official homologation paper given by the italien gouverment. In that paper are all dimensions written down, also the tire sizes, speed rates, pollution and noise level. That is a matter of road safety in Europe.

Giorgio in his Panda will look into his rear mirror before he pulls out, because he had to take intesive driving lessons in theorie and praxis before driving a car. Also a matter of road safety.

Again, this was all asked in the european regional Forum and has nothing to do with laws and views of US driven cars.