Reply to "Tires for Pantera 10X15" 14X15" rims"

Originally posted by lashss:
I am going to try a set of P7 Corsas at some point and will report the results.

I may also do the same with the Michelin MXW also.

I wish Yokohama would reproduce the 285.

In the meantime, the Michelin TBs and the Avon slicks (with grooves cut) are the instant, "turn-key" options that will produce high performance on the street.

I am hoping for more than just those two options.


I had emailed Yokohama about their AVS tires awhile back. I had asked them how many buyers would they need to consider producing them again. The courtesy reply thanked me for the interest in their products and that was it. Never heard back with regards to the same question from Pirelli.