Reply to "Tires for Pantera 10X15" 14X15" rims"

I have been experimenting with tire options for the 15x10 wheels.

Toyo's R888 and R888R are available in a 235/50-15 size. While this may sound narrow for a 10" wheel, they have a measured section width of 9.8".

Thus, when mounted on a 15x10 wheel, they do not look very stretched.

With a treadwear rating of 100, they present a possibility for the 345mm P Zero System on the rear with a 140 treadwear rating.

I have had this combination installed for about 400 miles now and the performance is excellent.

Lateral grip is outstanding with almost perfectly neutral balance. There are no issues with rubbing or clearance. Tire pressure tuning is critical as the factory recommendations will no longer apply. I found that 32 psi fr and 37 psi rr yielded the best overall grip and tread temperature under high speed testing.

If you need a brand new, ultra high performance tire option for sustained high speed driving, there is now a new tire option.

I was lucky enough to procure some closeout 345mm P Zero Systems from Tire Rack last year at a deeply discounted price. Matched with these Toyos, this combination could also be the least expensive by quite a margin.

It is getting easier and easier for us to run our original lightweight wheels today.