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Reply to "How can I acquire my Pantera's first registration date from the DOT/MOT?"

mwelter posted:

I don't know with what kind of idiots you have to work with. In Germany it is the law, if the first date of registration is not avaiable, they have to use the build year and as date the first of July unless the car is produced earlier or later in the build year. Not more, not less,

Yes, I know, and here is the problem with the registration office "if the first date of registration is not avaiable".

Well they say, "find it out it must be av".

Worked for me with 2 cars and now I want to register in another area and they refuse to.

In Germany, I live here for 47 years now, sorry guys, there is NO law, it is missuse of power by stupid people that have no lives. 

There is despotism by officers, you all know that. It is their satisfaction, their only satisfaction. 

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