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Reply to "Wanted - excellent condition Mangusta rear lights, NSF headlight surround"

The outer headlight / main for cars driving in LHD markets are 03:240:700 BUT (from what I know and have researched) some of these come with bowls which do not take a sidelight and some with.  There seems to be no definite answer on what the bowl numbers should be.  Some LHD markets (US particularly) have marker lights in indicator and some Euro markets have sidelight inside headlight.  I have an old Carello beyond repair which I'll see if its possible to swap the bulb holders over but it doesn't look easy.

As you can see the lens is very different for the 05:240:700 to alter the beam pattern.

I have also sent you a message as may be able to help source an original - do you only need 1?


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