Reply to "Wanted - side gas filler grill"

tonyh posted:

Hi Doug

Thanks for comments. 

A door on its own, whilst may be good value, is no good to me without the rest of the gill. 

Will have to tighten my belt and rob the piggy bank to buy one. Thats the kids not eating for another 3 months haha. 

If I could find a new one I would buy it.

There must be one out there somewhere?

They've got time to save for college. Panteras don't grow on trees.

BW, has the right idea. Actually the door and the gill is the easy part, you can modify the existing stock one. The difficult thing to make is the steel bucket that adapts the roof to the filler neck. That you'd need to talk to Johnny Woods in the UK about making for you.

I'll bet you a nickel that King has the complete set up new? He probably hasn't seen this post yet?


I actually thought about exactly what BW, did for the coolant tank. The Gp4 cars did that and put a Cobra type hinged pop-cap on it. Those are easy to get from the Cobra replica car makers.

Back when Contemporary Cobra was still in business I bought one from them and used it on my fuel filler/driver side. Stored the trap door gill set up. Eventually sold those two pieces for $400.

Hey. Listen. I grumble about the prices too. Just not much I can do about it either.

My kids are out of college and out of the house. I can sell some of their stuff now like the goalie pads and skates?