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Reply to "Weber tuning frustration"

Originally posted by Tom Kuester:
thanks for all the input, it's half the fun of trying to go it alone. I am getting closer, the heat of the header tubes gives me some fuel delivery information, however now I'm still running too rich which runs contrary to the basic tuning settings I found in various locations. Unscrewing the needle valves by 1+1/2 to 2 turns as a base setting appears way out.

You need to pull out the plugs and read them. They may be completely fouled on the cool tubes and that's the reason for the rich mixtures and cold tubes.

Don't try to get too scientific with these carbs. It just doesn't work.

It really isn't the carbs themselves, it's the IR manifold characteristics. They are not for novices or for people with little time.

Like I said, figure about 2 weeks, working day and night, with just breaks for your bodily functions. Pit stops we call them.

Also, don't tune them inside of the garage. You will never get the fuel fumes out. It will stick to everything like a skunk sprayed the place. Outside only.