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I don't think stripes with make my car more visible as it can possibly be seen from the moon for the additional bhp gain by their fitment I think this maybe an does make the car slightly fast but the main advantage is the slimming appearance and physical attractive enhancement gained by the driver once applied.
With regards to the sudden magical appearance of speed cameras..this has also been encountered in the UK....however by applying bacon foil to the front trunk area these can be negated I am reliably me I'm a doctor!

I thought that it comes down more to the proportion of the size of the lettering to the car.

I liked the original Gp4 PANTERA because of that.

It's a little like the white lettering on the tire sidewalls.

It's a '70s graphic thing. Some think it dates the car.

So far I have not installed any of the decals. I guess that's my answer?