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Reply to "Wheel Alignment - Who do you trust to do it?"

@davidnunn posted:

Doug, increased high speed stability and self-centering of the steering isn’t the only benefit to increased caster. Increasing the caster in a Pantera also improves “turn-in” and reduces understeer. It improves steering “feel” too. If you competed in Autocross, you’d love it. Yes, it increases steering effort but I believe most enthusiasts would find the improvements worth the penalty. Ford likely did not.

From your lips to Ford's ears.

Ford nixed a bunch of suspension items which make me think they were concerned with creating a race car for the street that their projected buyer would be way over their heads with.

Brakes are another thing.

I autocrossed 40 years ago. Autocross settings are not necessarily if ever good for a street car.

I may "fool" with eps again in the spring (or sooner) and the auspices of that may reopen this for me again. Until then, it's closed.

I've done this, i.e., adding + castor, to other cars. At (only) +5° the tire was so recentered in the wheel opening that it would hit the fender lip in front on turns.

At this moment, I don't want to screw with that under the theory that if it isn't broken, don't fix it.

In that case, in order to center the wheel in the opening,  I would have to split the difference and move the top a-arm rearward and the lower one forward. Then you may have a bumpsteer issue unless you bend the pitman arm down.

At this point, I can find grief in other places but thank you for attempting to share the joy and enlightenment you have discovered with me.

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