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Reply to "Wheel Alignment - Who do you trust to do it?"

Rob: This has been an interesting thread. However, let me go back and try to actually answer your initial question.

1. Any good alignment shop can handle a Pantera. It is not rocket science. You need to make sure they understand you are willing to pay for whatever time it takes to do the job correctly. It is not a 30 minute job. Find a shop with a late model Hunter computer alignment system. The things these systems can do are amazing. They are super accurate and more importantly, they give repeatable numbers, as you will probably have the wheels on and off the car more than once during the process.

2. Here is how we set up my 1973 Pantera L, stock arms and sway bars with polyurethane bushings, Hall lowered suspension about 1-1.5", Koni Shocks, stock wheels and Pirelli tires.


Caster: 2.70 degrees Positive

Camber: 0.50 degrees Negative

Toe: 0.22 degrees IN total (0.11 per wheel)


Camber: 1.55 degrees Negative

Toe: 0.40 degrees IN total (0.20 per wheel)

These numbers are based upon the factory specs, but with some changes due to my 30 years running a vintage sports car race team, and the additional engineering knowledge about chassis alignment known today. Rear toe is enough to give stable braking, buy not wear the tires excessively.

Results: The car drives AMAZING. Super pleasant and responsive steering. Tracks well and brakes in a straight line. Could not be happier. The driving dynamics are one of the most surprising things I have discovered about the Pantera.  I have been around Italian GT cars for almost 60 years, and the Pantera amazed me. Feel free to PM me with any questions.