Reply to "white/black 72 Pre-L for sale. Too much t list, contact me for detail, video added"

Ok, to clarify then, if someone offered me a reasonable offer near my asking price, I'd let the car go.

I do admit I'm not too hot to sell the car, so I priced it at what I think it's really fully worth, not a "get rid of it quick" sale price.

I now have said I'd take best offer, with the normal "no lowballers" caveat, which means the same thing.

I AM torn, but I want to fly planes now, and I realize it might take a while to sell my car, but I'm not going to give it away, especially after everything I've gone through with it, and the extra money I've spent on it getting it to, actually, where I thought it was when I bought it. I didn't foresee the future events that transpired after I bought the car, but I spent a lot of time and money, fixed all the issues, and now the car is a good running, modded, high powered hotrod Pantera, and worth every penny of what I'm asking.
I also plan to sell with full transparency, and fully disclose everything I know, and what has happened to whoever buys it regarding the engine, the series of events that occured, what I think should be done, what has already been done, everything.

It's a great car, and priced accordingly IMO in today's market. There's always going to be ones for more, and for less, I'm asking what I'm asking, and willing to budge a little.

I didn't mean to confuse anyone, my goal was to just let everyone know the price is not "FIRM".

I'm going flying, whether I sell the car or not. If I CAN sell the car it opens many doors as to what planes I can shop for. I figured I'd get an early start on advertising, as I have no way of knowing how long, or if, it will sell at all.

Down the road, if I keep the car, then "Plan A" goes into effect, and in a year and I pull the motor and rebuild/refurbish. While that's going on, the car will go to my buddy's auto body shop and made flawless, and I'll probably keep it or sell it for much much more.

Sorry for being kind of bipolar with my ad. It's a big deal for me. There's many directions my future can go, but now that I've decided to get my pilot's license and buy an airplane, I decided to put the ads up, at the "full, actual, I'm not in a hurry to sell it price". If someone comes along and makes a good enough offer, I WILL let the car go. The car is a very special car (as all Panteras are), and I hope the right person comes along and buys it.

If it doesn't sell, I still win, I have my dream car, I'll be finishing the final touches on it in the future, and I'll shop for less expensive airplanes.