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Why no thermostat for the Mangusta?

I hate going backwards but ended up pulling the engine from 1010 recently to address a few things, including a cam and a bellhousing swap (finally found a nice one from Springbok)  Anyway it's time to connect the coolant bits and decide whether or not to fit a thermostat - which of course the factory decided NOT to do.

I made an adaptor plate to (see pic) but don't want to be 'fixing' things that don't need to be fixed.  The thermostat is a 195 deg unit.  I don't know any disadvantage to fitting this UNLESS the Mangusta system can't handle any obstruction to coolant flow.  It seems crazy not running a thermostat in a 302, but don't want to create an overheating hazard that doesn't currently exist.

Appreciate any thoughts! Anybody running a thermostat currently in an original Goose motor?  Thanks & regards, Nate


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  • Goose 1010 Thermostat
  • Goose 1010 Thermostat a
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