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Reply to "Seeking Advice Concerning Widening Pantera Wheel Wells"

kimk posted:

I have done a couple hundred fender rolls for the german look tuning boys! It was very popular here a few years back . Its possible to get about 15-20mm with out painting if the car has original paint! sheet metal has to be over 70 degrees Celsius or the paint will crack.If it is re painted you never  know what happens its a gamble!! To just roll up the inner lip is easy and often helps more than you think. I have never done it on a Pantera but i think it should be easy to get the hole fender to move outward a bit at the same time, Because it has no inner fender as normal cars. just find someone that is good on it.   

Dont go this way , it damage the whole fender .

One side of the fender on the rearside of the Pantera  is a part of the tail panel .

Not like the European cars or the US muscle cars.

It damage the part of the tailpanel between the exhaust hole and the out side of the fender.

Or hammered the fender well out and repaint the fenders

Believe me , I have experience whit this.

Better to buy an original set of Campy's and sell the Rion wheels.