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Wing or not to wing, that is the question🧐

I love the wing🤫😎! I am trying not too bc I’m getting push back from most of my friends….the white is stunning with it😬… considering 2 blue stripes down the center as well; one thick and one thin. Thoughts!? TIA (it’s Velcro holding wing869AC190-2191-4479-A9F7-F73A8C80152Con) 9A91C37B-00CD-44D8-AF13-2EA9ED89954DD6A0A78F-FB73-41AC-A8EB-5DBEB60FD9DC035A41C3-F3CB-41FA-82AF-91A21B8BCA2BFB0EBFA0-947B-475E-9FDE-712A16370EBEEC7F3A17-651A-410A-ACD7-5D7FA7FC6F25


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  • 9A91C37B-00CD-44D8-AF13-2EA9ED89954D
  • D6A0A78F-FB73-41AC-A8EB-5DBEB60FD9DC
  • 035A41C3-F3CB-41FA-82AF-91A21B8BCA2B
  • FB0EBFA0-947B-475E-9FDE-712A16370EBE
  • EC7F3A17-651A-410A-ACD7-5D7FA7FC6F25
  • 05E29E6A-93EC-498A-8831-E7D0F34D5B15
  • 869AC190-2191-4479-A9F7-F73A8C80152C
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