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Originally posted by garth66:
Congratulations! You're officially the envy of most all of us - 2 Panteras AND a Mangusta!

Hold on to that wife of yours - she must be one special lady to understand and indulge your passion for DeTomaso automibiles.

Well said! Now you need to work on a larger garage! Nice photos, but a bit on the small size. Smiler
Speaking with a couple of guys, we figure that the chassis were pre-stamped with the "8MA" as a chassis/production ID and that the additional numbers were later added as a VIN number. Mine must has gotten mis stamped.

There is one other Mangusta here in Hawaii that I know of. It is an elusive goose, I've been trying to track him down for over a year. I have a lead on him and should contact him shortly. I've been told that it is with its original owner and is his daily driver.

Another interesting fact about my car is that it was once stolen. The thieves couldn't figure out where to put in gas and it was recovered intact, out of gas at a gas station.

Sorry about the photo sizes, I'm limited to web space by my carrier. Its a trade off, if I go bigger, the quality goes down.

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