1972 Pre L Pantera: $29,000

I have owned the car for the last 10 years and 12,000 miles. But with 2 young kids and too many pojects, it's time to let it go to a new home.

Here are the stats:
67,390 miles on the car; roughly 10,000 on the engine build (non-original block). 351 Cleveland block bored .030 over. Aluminum heads. Forged 10.5:1 pistons. 268H comp cam. Single plane aluminum intake manifold. Holley 750cfm, Holley air cleaner. Braided hoses. Aluminum Fluidyne radiator. Stock brake calipers with Porterfield street/comp pads. Never been on the dyno, but components suggest power to be around 400bhp.

Aluminum wheels by Centerline are 17x11rear, 16x7front and have about 10,000 miles on wheels and tires. Also included are the original magnesium Campagnolo wheels. The wheels are in good shape but need new rubber. See note about wheels below.

The paint is a beautiful glossy red, but does have a few minor chips. There is also a small blister at the base of the A-pillar. The interior is excellent. The steering wheel is Lecarra. The aftermarket shift knob has the DeTomaso "Isis" logo.As this car is 36 years old, there are some electrical gremlins. The headlights go up but must be manually cranked down. I cleaned the switches years ago, and they worked fine for about 3 years. The A/C didn't work when I bought it, and I haven't fixed it. Reverse lights don't come on.

Other issues:
Left turn signal does not always self-cancel. The thin metal mount of one of
the rear decklid struts has torn off (I still have the strut). The aluminum heads raised the exhaust system, creating a clearance issue with the axle half-shafts. Rather than turn these half-shafts around, a previous owner thought the best solution was to put dents in the exhaust. I don't get it either.
There are small amounts of surface rust when you look under the car, but I haven't found anything major, and I never drove the car in the rain.
Okay, about the wheels (and this was my own mistake): The wheels and hubs of the pantera were designed to be hub-centric, meaning the weight of the car rests on the hub rather than the lug bolts. The bore of the Centerline wheels is larger than stock, meaning that the lug bolts are carrying the load. I've had no problems for 10,000 miles, but for safety and liability reasons, I have to recommend replacing with the Campagnolo rims.

I'm sure I've forgotten some other minor issue, but I've tried to be honest about the shortcomings of this car. Overall, it is very nice and
priced for a Pantera.

I'm happy to answer questions of those seriously interested.

I'm having difficulty posting pictures, so I'll resize and try again to get them posted
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Here's an attempt at photo links:

The mini chin spoiler and replacement clutch master cylinder have never been mounted.

More photos were requested:

Campagnolo wheel:

Left rear where decklid meets body:

Driver side roof near decklid:

Front windshield near A-pillar (bumper of Hot Wheel pointing at it):


Driver side under rocker panel. Has the normal gunky undercoating, but I don't see rust:

Ford side mirror mount holes have not been filled:

Tech manual, owners' manual, numerous PI issues, 1:18 metal model, Hot wheel size metal car:
Chris, your check hasn't even cleared and my wife has found a 27 foot Maxum boat...I guess restoring my convertible will be put on hold [sigh]. You'll find that pantera owners are a helpful bunch, and you can certainly contact me if you need help.
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