Very original Pantera for sale.

Starts and idles perfectly, no smoke, etc. Runs & drive great. Everything works, accept the AC isn't charged.
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Originally posted by Rev. Benajmin M. Root IV:
Wow, what are those front bumpers?

Those are from Kirk Evans/Amerisport.

I kind-of like them.
The car in qestion is a "pre-L" and I'm not sure I'd choose them over chrome bumperettes.

But they do take the positive attributes of an L, and improve on them. So, It's an intreguing option for a later car. Do they fit on an L model?
Do they fit on an L model?

They were designed for the L-model to allow folks to remove the big rubber bumper.
just joined and looking for a Pantera.
Not sure what is wrong but I can't seem to find a pic of Muscle Maniac's car.
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