2 Panteras nearby

Guys, I just realized that there are 2 Panteras reasonably close to me. I have no interest in them and can go see them if anyone is interested. One is the College point car and the other is in Astoria. They are both listed on Hemmings. If someone would like for me to check them out just call ahead and tell them to expect me.
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I looked at the pictures [80]of the PANTERA on their website [meritcars.com] look's a little scary to me. Missing tub, engine cover [screen]
a.c. condenser, support bar, deck lid shock's,
un-attractive aftermarket wheel's,& air filter original radiator - sagging headliner, look's pretty rusty underneath,coolant tube's / suspension etc.
look's like [pretty bad - thru?]rust in top of rocker panel's[under door area]Price seen's a little high, considering!!
Could make a nice project for someone though,
if bought for right price...
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