It's not the best time to begin trying to sell my Pantera, but I need to get funds together for my business.
The previous owner bought the car in the early 80's with I believe 15,000 miles on it. I need to pull the paperwork to confirm.
The current build was completed with 32,000 miles on the car in 1989. The car was completely disassembled and stripped. Paperwork notes minor rust in the passenger floor pan repaired as well as cosmetic damage to the driver front fender area from a collision prior to the previous owner purchasing.
I bought it with 52,000 miles and it has just over 56,000 on it now.
Extensive documents of the build including letters back and forth between Dennis Quella of Pantera performance and the previous owner.
Dyno sheets of the motor.
Steel flares, racing brakes/suspension, adjustable timing advance from the driver seat, 5 point harness(they would need to be updated to qualify for the track).
The 427 is a stock bore and stroke 1966 block with tunnel port heads and dual quad intake with 650 Holleys. 11.1 compression, runs on 92/93 octane pump gas, it requires 108 in order to use the 225 hp nitrous system. The motor was built to take the added HP of nitrous, but I've never used it and according to the paperwork with the car the previous owner only tested it once on the track. Bottle is full.
Paint is good with the exception of the areas directly behind the front and rear tires where there is pitting of the paint. These areas have been refilled with matching paint and you have to be very close in order to see it.
Custom 15" Gotti wheels.
Alpine stereo cassette system with amp and handheld EQ, it's dated I know, it works but I've never listened to it when driving, engine sounds better IMHO. Big Grin
Recaro seats.
Engine bay has been smoothed and all wires and A/C lines hidden.
New performance Holley mechanical fuel pump installed, the old one lost a diaphram from sitting prior to my getting the car.
New water pump, the old pump was fine, I changed out to be safe. I put the old pump on my 390 Galaxie and it's doing fine.
The car runs well and does not heat up unless the weather is in the high 80's. Open road it is still fine, but traffic and slow speeds cause the temperature to run hot.
I did find that the coolant tube from the front expansion tank to the thermostat housing was very restricted where it makes a 90* turn into the face of the block.
I believe reworking this tube to a less restrictive inner diameter would improve the coolant flow and help the higher low speed temperature of the motor.
Flaws: power antenna does not work, motor is fine, looks like the plastic "chain" needs replaced.
Some areas of the powder coated trim has flaked and is shown in the pictures.
A/C system is complete and runs, it's an R12 system and needs charged in order to cool properly. I was never home long enough to have it converted and charged.

I'm sure I've left out a few things, please feel free to ask any questions and I will get answers for you.
Among the Pantera "crowd", I don't think it's the rarest of builds , it is unique with it's FE 427 power plant and should probably go to a new home next to a 427 Cobra, Mustang or Galaxie Lightweight?

All pictures are from October of '09 the day I put 3168 into storage for the winter.

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Sorry all, this was suppossed to go in the ownership issues forum requesting help on a price to set as well as critique the writeup. Frowner
I've flagged it for a move.

Any input on value or critique of the writeup would be great.
Pictures I should add?
Information I missed or should mention?
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