Whats up with tires?

First they discontinue 305/50 ta's, then 295/ 50 ta's, then 345/45/15's, then 345/30/17's, now 335/30/17's!!!!

Do mfg's think we can design, build, and spend money on wheels based on their tires, then they discontinue them. Are we to go ahead and buy new rims so they can do it again? What's next? Buy 18's so they can do it again?
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Sorry, typo. 335/35/17. there's only three, and when I contacted them regarding will they keep making them they said NO. It's on there chopping block. So what do us fat tire guy's have to do? wait for coker to pick them up or maybe get everyone together and do a group discount buy so we all have 6 extra pairs ( random number)for back up
or of course do you buy 18's and hope they don't do it again?
Pirelli, Michelin and Kumho's all readily available stateside. For most Pantera owners the 6 yr life will be up before they wear a set out, so buy a set and worry about it in another 6 yrs!

Pirelli normally do limited runs (as with the 345 wide 15" sizes) and Michelin molds usually end up with Coker so I don't think it will be such an issue.

Worst case 315's are readily available and a lot of owners say they are better handling than 335's

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