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I am considering purchasing the 408 Cleveland stroker engine from McKeown Motorsport. I desire that the engine fit under the engine screen to maintain the stock appearance. I am not sure if the configuration will fit. Does anyone have a similar engine and can let me know if it fits under the screen. The configuration is:

351C with CHI 225 head
CHI intake manifold
Pro-Systems/MME carburetor
ICE Ignition System

Also I would like to know if anyone has experience with the ICE Ignition system. McKeown is recommending this system but my understanding is it is fairly new product.

Merrick Mouton
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OK I'll let the cat out of the bag. I'm, as we speak (writing) putting my new 408 in my car. The CHI intake will not allow the screen to be used. Now I don't have the engine in yet but I'm real sure it's not going to clear. But HP was more important then clearing the screen. (funny how it works that way) The ICE Ignition is easy to add. I run a single wire alt anyway so it just helps get rid of all the other wires on the fire wall. The unit needs to away from the heat of the engine. My goal is to be a Hot August Nights just to test out the car.
Talk to Heather at MME Tell'm Terry sent you lol
She's great to work with.
I have decided to hell with the screen too. I am going to use the Hilborn set up and whack the deck lid also. Might buy a carbon or glass one if I can to avoid cutting the original. I also have this fantasy of a lexan bubble covering the stacks. JE should be finished with the pistons soon and I am going to talk to Mark to see if he is willing to machine and assemble my parts. The EFI is the big financial bite holding things up. Congrats Terry on your new motor and Merrick, if you should have the misfortune to end up in the New Orleans area, give me a call and I will show you my pile of parts. Dave Ferrato #5972 504-237-5072
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