I have a pre-L (repainted Gold) with orginial wheels, chrome bumpers, upgraded 351 Cleveland motor, upgraded fans, Dana Spicer half axels. Also a 74 engine cover and 74 style gas filler. Car has been stored since 1984. I bought it from the orginal owner in 1976. The car is in San Diego CA. Price $25,000.00 The car is the same as the avitar (without the lightbar and signs). Email alpine1alpine@yahoo.com
Thank you: Derrill
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Could you please send pictures and more history to sanspantera@yahoo.com ?
The information requested has been sent.
Thank you for your interest,
Price Reduction!
I would like to sell the Pantera while in San Diego, before going back to Idaho next week. $21,000.00
I have taken several current pictures. But I also have dial-up here so it is a painfully slow process.
Thanks for your interest.
Are there any Photo's on the WEB, Or maybe e-mail some photos to me ,Shotgungrooms@adelphia.net, The price seems right, Might have to come see it
Thank You
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