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I did replace the oil pan by Kevko. The pan is supposed to hold 8 quad, plus filter I guess. I needed to replace the pipe for the dip stick ..tried as much as possible to keep the length correct. Now the filling to optimum is my convern...

The original dip stick has marks --Add  ---  Save  --- Warrant --

I added 8 Q/7.8 liters on oil, it goes all the way up to the "Warrant" mark.
What do you think, is this correct ? 

(was a refill so some residual oil is def left in the system, I guess easily 0.5 liter)

Any thoughts about this ? I do not want to OVERFILL..


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If the dipstick tube was of same length then the original distance of the dipstick from crank is still valid and I would personally work to those marks as optimal fill level. What the baffled pan does is prevent the pickup tube running dry in high G cornering. I think there haven been comments previously that many of the "9 quart" pans don't hold 9 quarts!

Joules Tx.

may be it is only a language thing. What does in this context "warrant" mean, as the lower marks show Add (understood) .. SAFE with a lower and higher mark (ok Safe means safe is good enough understood), but then there is is this "warrant" mark which I hit by filling now app 8 q ..

or the other way round - is filling all the way to the "warrant" mark the correct thing to do.?

(sure the 8 q did move it up to that "Warrant" mark more or less.. did not start the egine, so will go down a bit)

TX for help




That's what we get for having modified cars. On two of my Panteras they have what's called 10 quart pans, yet when I change oil & filter I typically put in 9 or just over and I get all the way to the W on Warrant. Talking to venders they say if it really has a 10 quart pan then don't sweat over it, just fill to under 10 and note where the mark is. Looking at prior receipts I see the prior owner has always put in 9 - 9.5 in mine too when in for service. When emptying just be sure you adjusted the car even enough so you are sure most oil has exited. I can squeeze about 1 more quart out of mine when I'm lowering the car to be sure the pan is level. FYI my stick is the proper length too.IMG_4770 ITSWIKDNewStickAnd9QT


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This is an old topic. Over the decade, I have tested several "10 Quart"
oil pans with fill tests while off the engine. My findings were that they
all held in excess of 10 quarts while maintaining a level below the
windage tray. Actually, closer to 12 quarts. As we know, the stock oil pan
does not have a windage tray. This is a significant difference that I find
most people do not account. Thus, I think a case can be made that the
dipstick markings could be modified to a fill level just below the level
windage tray. This would be a mark higher on the dipstick than stock.
After all, our objective is to keep the crankshaft from rotating in the oil
pool and the windage tray provides an effective assist in that it is a
barrier to that end. Also when you consider that my capacity measurements
did not account for oil filter fill and volumes used in engine oil paths
while running, I am confident some of these pans are acceptable with an
initial fill of 12 quarts.


On Sat, Aug 1, 2020 at 1:54 PM The De Tomaso Forums <>

"This would be a mark higher on the dipstick than stock."

ok understood, I got the pan because of improved windage trays. My old Cobra Jet pan had some per forum not good enough, hence the mod Kevko pan. 

If and I agree the extra shilding in the pan is keeping the oil down THIS would ask for some more oil. N. P. was looking to some rational for the same thought I had..

Will keep it a bit higher as does200 said and with your thoughts I find this confiremd. I WILL NOT FILL all the way up to the famous "W"


Matthias ....

P.S. engine has now 600 km since rebuild, did change the oil yesterday, did CUT OPEN the filter /as per air plain spects.. no findings all good, oil pressure top ..

exited to run the top class CAT!!! is ..2800 rpm /150 km / hours..and does need little CAT food, consumption is very moderate.

We should remember Mat  posted this question because he had to replace the dipstick tube/pipe. As Julian initially pointed out, as long as the tube/pipe length duplicated the OEM tube/pipe length, the OEM dipstick markings would retain the same accuracy as with the stock tube/pipe. 

it makes no difference if your engine has a stock oil pan, a 10 quart oil pan, or a 20 quart oil pan; if the dipstick tube and dipstick are still OEM or the same length of OEM, the correct oil level will still be what the dipstick markings indicate.

Filling to the “FULL” line with ANY oilpan will see your oil pan filled to the correct OEM level. 

My 2¢


Tx Larry!
- yes the dip stick length is correct plus/minuns 1mm
- confusing to me besides the "W" as in Warrant.. is that the oil pans are "rated" 8 quads. This leaves the impression that one should fill app 8 quads. Well the Kevko add reads: fill capacity is 8 quads/7.6 liter, guess NOT necessary what one should fill!.

Well If I stay with the dip stick full mark (the upper end) I end up with app 6 quads max as the result of the current oil refil/change. I started with 6.5 when engine was all new and no oil filled, measured with the OEM dip stick.  Was a bit below the upper mark (my notes where a bit vage unfort.). As this time there was residual oil left and now I am a bit above the max with 6 q.

So we gain the baffels per the modified pan and app. 1..1.5 quad of more oil compared to the Boss pan i had - right?  boss was 5 quads if I am correct.

Will Stay with the upper/max mark.


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