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DDOHH!! Red Face

I am stripping my engine bay. With the help of a Pantera buddy I removed the engine mounts from the frame but forgot to note that they are HANDED !! ie. The lower half of the mount.

Can you guys tell me if the mounting hole on the lower engine mount for the bolt (that joints the two mount halves) should be off-set to the front (of car) or to the back of the car? (As you know, the hole is not in the centre of the lower mount).



P.S. Sounds wordy but I think that for the guys that know what I am talking about ....
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...and for what it's worth; I got rid of those 12 Milimeter bolts and sleeves and bored the 'Biscuits' and Mmounts for 3/4" Grade 8 bolts. You also have to bore the underside of the Mount for clearance of the proper size socket for the 'Nyloc' Nut, and the Washer must be Custom Machined! I cannot see using a 'Skimpy' 12 MM Bolt to secure 500-700 HorsePower! as some still Do...
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