so, I'm sure some of you will hate this, however, it was something i was thinking about.

I have spent a ton of money on my engine and engine bay and it looks amazing.
so i was sitting there daydreaming and thought, wouldn't it be awesome to see the engine without lifting the lid.

thinking of putting a viewing window in the lid. anyone do this?
it wouldn't be an awful window but a very tasteful and very well done.

flame away!
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There is a car in San Diego, known as "Notycat" that has done this, I think.

He won an award at this year's Panterapalooza.

Maybe one of the San Diego guys can provide some pictures of the modified decklid.

If you really want to do this I suggest a fiberglass decklid and not cut the original steel.

The response wasn't intended to be a self promotion, but I actually have a fiberglass decklid I would explore selling for a reasonable price.

Those transparent engine bubbles were used on a very few show cars. If you have normal hearing and wish to keep it, do NOT try driving with a plexi bubble in the cockpit. It is exactly like driving without having any cover or sound insulation at all.

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