Came across a GT5 (LHD) for sale in the UK in my Ebay search;

I know nothing of this car, but the pricing would seem reasonable for a UK car (which tend to fetch a premium), although this one is a European LHD. Hence, it could be a prospect for someone looking for a genuine GT5 to import into the US.

Maybe some of our other (stay at home) Brit members know of the car or owner? Johnny, Rapier what say you, is this genuine??




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The rear license plate recess is euro (elongated) which is std on all the GT5 cars. Unless they have been replaced, the front air dam on the GT5 follows the curvature of the front hood rather than going straight across. It's hard to tell on this one. Nice car, I just wonder how much 2 new front wheels would cost. I think these cars look best with the original wheels. I really need to win the lotto.......

Well it met reserve of GBP25K (~$49,250) on final bid and sold.

I'd say someone got a great buy. It'd be nice to find out who and advise them of the benefits of being involved in the PI Pantera community.
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