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Like many owners, I have had intermittent issues with cooling.  Upgrading the radiator and fans is on my to do list...

Stumbled into this unit by CHR racing by accident on Ebay, was wondering if any of you have tried it?

Aluminum Radiator+Shroud+Fan For De Tomaso Pantera 5.8L MT 1971-1989 | eBay

Other suggestions welcome too...

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Excessive idle and slow traffic...

Never gets too hot when im cruising...(I dont run on the track either).   for instance, Last weekend i went for a 30 min drive in 90 degree weather (Summer time in Pennsylvania) and had no issues.  Pulled up to the garage and let it idle for 3-5 min before pulling in...temp increases by 20 degrees (not overheating) but the increased running temp starts to create issues with idle.  you can hear the car struggle to idle.    The worst case scenario for this is: I am out driving around and get stuck in slow traffic or excessive lights.  While the engine heats up, im trying to keep it from staling, as sometimes i cant get it restarted long story short I limit when and where i drive it because i don't want to get stuck.

I've leared alot by reading other threads about the correct process for purging air from the system....going to try that this weekend before i do any radiator swaps.

What got me thinking about the radiator was that i had a small leak a few years ago, and it went away on its own...???... but it still makes me think i am working on borrowed time.

Correct thermostat - YES.

The thing about leaks is, just because coolant isn't dripping out, doesn't mean air isn't being drawn in. Take a good look at the offending hose and clamp. Replace both if necessary. Try purging air out of the system and make sure your fans are blowing air through the rad, rather than away from it. If you have to drain and refill your coolant, use a vacuum filling device.

You asked about the CHR rad kit. Personally, I have no experience with them. They have sold thousands of rads on eBay, so they're probably OK. In their eBay ad, you'll notice the passenger side upper mounting tab is bent!


I've always had this issue.

Never did a full blown flush.

More I've thought about it, maybe my issue isn't over heating (never been above 215), but more an issue with my fuel delivery.  The concern has been that the engine doesn't run as good hot...leading to the possibility of stahling in a bad place and not immediately being able to restart.

Another interesting data point, I have a secondary temp gage pulling from the block, (as there was a point in time my gage display wasn't working so I had a manual set up to see oil pressure and coolant).  This gage always reads about 30 degrees hotter than the veglia.

Do you have a spacer between the carburetor and intake?  This sounds like a fuel boiling or near vapor locking issue.  I also have my fuel lines at the carb wrapped in heat shield material.

I experienced similar issues where the car was hard to start and had to hold the gas pedal to the floor to start it after driving in 110F AZ heat.

The temperature will rise when you are stopped but from what I've learned on the forum if it isn't puking coolant then it isn't over-heating.



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