do not start laughing, but is a mess with its SAE SPECIAL screws.

Can some one PLEASE tell me what the screw measure is, my standard measuring tool did give me wrong info. There are two types here, same diameter but different length , I need the longer on which is heading forward (picture shows the rear one which is shorter)

Any thoughts? ..otherwise I drill for M6 .. Big Grin


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...Out of My 'Spare Parts' Supply. I have a Few, Used.
The 'Grip Length' of the long Screw is 2.50" (83mm)The Short Screw 'Grip' is 1.870" (47mm).

PM Me Your Address and I will Mail a LONG Screw to You, FREE.

got fixed since I got the screw details - was searching for SAE screws (and did order befor the wrong one) vs what is much better "Holley screws".. (sometimes you got sloppy).

TX Team

(specially Marlin Jack for the generous offer!!! Wink

AND GEORGE this is the LAST SCREW ... missing,

..well most got replaced by all new metric stuff 8.8 plus any non critical per SST we wait until any of the newbies falls out again..need to re-tighten Big Grin


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