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Does anyone know what the Pantera L front bumper was made of ...

By 1972 Ford and other US manufacturers were molding bumpers of poly-urethane. Below the paint the bumper material was a golden color. Notice that in the US the "big 4" manufacturers were painting the bumpers body color, but in Italy the bumpers were black. The black material the Pantera bumper is molded from does not appear to me to be as robust or as flexible as poly-urethane.
I thought that it was the same material that Pontiac was putting on the nose of their cars?

Weren't they calling it "Endura"? Probably a GM trademarked product?

My Pontiac always had "squish" marks on the nose where others backed into it. At the time driving style here was to back up until you felt the "impact" on the car behind you.

The "Endura" theoretically was a good idea.

I still have my L bumpers here tucked up into the rafters. The front is showing seperation from the steel frame below and the rear has rust expansion between the mounting brackets and the outer bumper.

Both needed better execution in construction.

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