I have only had my car back from VPC (Les Grays shop) for about a week now, but I have decided to sell my baby.

She is an early '71, flat decklid. 24k miles. Over $20K in upgrades in the past year, all performed by "Mr. Pantera" Les Gray (receipts available).

Please contact me at if you are interested. If I do not answer, leave message and I will call you back asap. We will discuss price.

Thank you.

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The car now has a new home and owner.

nazgul, who is new to this forum, has purchased my car.

I am sure he will be posting pictures, questions, etc in the near future and I know you will be as nice to him as all of you have been to me for the past few years.

Good luck with her Ed.

Adam Katz
thank you adam, it was a pleasure doing business with you, the best to you and your family.


ps. missed my flight by about 15 minutes, took southwest via albuquerque, kansas city, chicago and still got here 45 minutes faster!

pss. it is loud!!!!!!
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