After considerable time-wasting of you good members here, I've decided to get a Prototipo wheel for my car. It's that "coulda been original" (a la GTS) that got my attention.

So if any of you have a hub for this - or even the wheel AND hub - I'd love to hear about it.

You can respond here or PM. Thank in advance, and for all who've helped me with this.
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You will love the wheel. It is typical Momo excellent quality, feels great, and looks period correct.

I bought my hub with logo cover from Wilkinson. It cost me more than the wheel. But at the time it was the only vendor who had it in stock.

Good luck.

PS: Coming to Atlanta for Italian Car day next month?
Not sure who you called yesterday. Let me preface my next comment with


But in the 15 years I have owned #4134 I have only had one return my call. Dennis and Becky (?) at Pantera Performance.

I gave up long ago with the vendors and just call them back. Maybe it is a cost saving issue as none to my knowledge have toll free phone numbers.

Good Luck !
Hey Jeff, I'm continually amazed at small businesses that THINK it's wise to 'dis' customers in a small, but indicative way. Especially in down times.

I've gotten about the same number of call backs as you, but recently got a call on my first attempt from Brian Graham at Graham Pantera. Actually puts some time into his suggestions, and I've purchased accordingly.

Hey man, I never responded to your Atlanta Italian Car Day thing, and I'd really like to go. Speaking in Atlanta THIS Wednesday and Thursday, so maybe I'll make the trek back on the 11th. Did you do a regional thread on this event?

Back on topic - I played with my 'unattached' Prototipo in the garage last night. Did everything but make vrroom vrroom noises while checking it out. Okay, I DID do it, but just once.

Soon as I figure how to get my old wheel off, we'll be cruising united!
Wilkinson is the one that supplies the hubs AND the SS quick disconnects which is simply a work of art in my opinion. Smiler If you weren't considering them, I'd highly recommend one. You will not be disappointed in them and they make it so much easier to work on the car.

The Pantera hub is unique to the Pantera (and maybe the 70 Mercury Capri Wink ) . Bite the bullet and go the few extra bucks for one. If you don't like them I don't think that you will have ANY difficulty reselling the thing.
Thanks for the lead PanteraDoug - never even tried Wilkinson. I don't think I 'need' the disconnect feature (but again, do we really NEED another 100 hp? Thought so.)

Hey Jeff, my 'toys' are minimal and my garage is fairly pathetic. It is WAY too small (seriously, I can hardly crawl out the door without hitting the 'protected' wall with the door.) But I did get a very small warehouse downtown to put them in and be able to work on them a little.

Thanks all - I'll hopefully have my hub and new wheel at the Italian Car Day. Still trying to get a day pass to make the trip!
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