Hi All - I have decided to part out my 1973 Pantera Euro project. This is a complete car with the exception of the following items: windshield, front bumpers, campys, splash shields and engine covers. I also have a new set of outer rockers from Precision Proformance and new body B-Pillar panels from Johnny. The body is also available, complete or in pieces. It does have significant rust issues. It might make a nice track car with some work.

I also have a set of Simmons B-45 wheels (10" rear, 8" front) that came on my '72 L. They are in good shape but will need new rubber and center caps - $1,000.

I've got a ton of stuff, so if you need something, just ask.

I thought I'd post here before sending it to the auction site.

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Question for the forum...

I know the door handle pulls are specific for left and right.

Does anyone know if the door handle lock units are left and right?

I think they are different.

Does anyone know if the door handle buckets are left and right?

I think they are the same.

Additionally, I 'know' the buckets and pulls are Pantera-specific, but I have been told the lock assemblies are also found in other applications.

I have seen close matches on Fiats and Lancias.

Anyone know a proven, correct match for the lock units?

I have a couple spare sets of complete door handles; I've seen an NOS set sell for close to $1K, used were fetching up to $600 at one point, so in comparison $124 for buckets doesn't seem so bad, even fro plastic. CNC would have to run in the $500-600 range, there's a lot of machine work in them.

Buckets and locks are identical left-right and interchangeable. The pulls are left or right handed.

I thought the key blank was a euro Ford? Indicating the lock barrels at least are probably Ford units.

locks are identical left-right and interchangeable


Are you sure about this?

On the lock unit, there is a slight chamfer on one edge of the key hole. On my car, this chamfer is facing the handle pull on one door, but facing away from the handle pull on the other door.

I do have some spare bucket/pull/lock piece; both my locks pieces are the same. The lock piece is attached to the bucket with three small screws. On both my units that are not installed, the chamfer is on the side that has two attaching screws. They would both be a match to my current driver's door, but not the passenger door unit.

Perhaps the lock barrel can be removed and rotated 180 degrees, but this doesn't seem to be an easy swap from what I see on my units.

Can you check your complete units more closely with regards to the orientation of the chamfer and the attaching screws?




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Looking for a left side taillight or a pair. And a horn button.I am working on a 72 for my friend.

I have a set of US (all red) or Euro (amber) signal tailights I'll sell. Drop me an e-mail to julian_kift(at)hotmail(dot)com

Can you check your complete units more closely with regards to the orientation of the chamfer and the attaching screws?

You are correct they are handed as new, with one chamfer forward the other to the rear, this is to keep the key orientation correct (ridges upward). However if you don't mind the key orientation being opposite you could use them on either door as the key rotates one way to unlock, the other to lock.

The lock barrel can be removed fairly easily by removing the small roll pin in the rod actuator.

There are a couple different key patterns in use, two of mine don't match your blank, one does.

Sorry I haven't gotten back to some of you. I will try and get caught up. I was inundated with a lot of requests and it became very time consuming (answering questions, requests for pictures, requests for shipping estimates, etc.). I got a little overwhelmed and life got in the way. I will go back through my PMs and try and get back with each and every one of you. Once again, I apologize for the delays.
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